With renown local glass artist Eunice Wake, the Carringbush Glass
Gallery and Studio located in Red Cliffs Victoria, has a range of
slumped and fused glass pieces to suit every taste.Creating art with both slumping and fusing kiln work, using
techniques such as pate de verre and lustres to glass paints and 22
carat gold appliques, Carringbush Glass Gallery creates glass art that
is both traditional and new-age.With warm glass creations to suit every decor, we aim to please the most discerning buyer.

Please feel free to browse the online gallery where we are constantly adding new pieces to see what styles are available.

Your special art piece can be created to orderĀ  (or made to order) and every creation is unique.

Custom creations are our specialty and we make your art piece to order.

Also availableĀ  are encaustic paintings which is painting with hot beeswax which will not melt on your walls.

Come and discover the unique individually handcrafted art glass at Carringbush Gallery. Kiln-formed bowls, plates, vases, jewellery and glass mosaics are some of the pieces created by resident artist Eunice Wake.

The Gallery is situated 1.5km from Red Cliffs on the 54 Tourist Drive, at the corner of the Calder Highway and Indi Avenue.

We love our art glass piece from Eunice at Carringbush Glass Gallery. It takes pride of place in our loungeroom and everyone comments on it.

Ian & Paula Campbell
Adelaide Hills